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At Arkido Web Services, we know that your chief target is getting good results in the form of high ranking. We produced really good ones in the past. We are proud to say that Google has recently published 2 case studies of our clients, detailing businesses that attained staggering results of 20:1 which is simply awesome. Our experts have kickass PPC and SEO skills to get you the kind of results you may boast off at your dinner party.

  • Many agencies simply get distracted from core skills as they offer a host of related internet marketing services to boost their income. Here in Arkido Web Services, we adopt a single-minded approach and focus strictly on PPC and SEO. To get more profitable results, we spend substantial time in Google Analytics
  • 100% transparency is confirmed at Arkido Web Services. There are a lot of credibility issues in the realm of internet marketing as we often see people paying money and not getting good results from their SEO efforts. At Arkido Web Services, we are very clear about our policies and services. You will have access to the data all 24X7 hours. On the other hand, we maintain transparency of fees. The fees we charge are more competitive than what is charged by the search engine.
  • At our company, we do not believe in signing contracts. In fact, we prove our value with every passing monthly. Month after month we get better as we know more about your needs. But, in the beginning, we will ask you to verbally commit 2 months to us and see for yourself.
  • We offer exclusive services whereby we will not work with your competitor. We promise to safeguard the confidential aspects of your business even after you have left taking the services. Before we take any other client, we will give you a call to know the potential conflict.
  • We keep on tracking Google Analytics account to measure everything. Both auditing and call tracking are done here. If needed, we can also recommend modifying analytic record goals a bit.
  • Our team of SEO providers takes part in the leading conferences in the United States of America and are trained in Google Endorsed Google Analytics. Our company’s director is utterly fanatic about educating people in SEM and online marketing. Being the founder of our business and the host to so many international SEO conferences, he excels in respective fields like digital strategy, SEO, AdWords, conversions, copywriting and analytics.
  • We are Google Certified Partners and the part of Partner’s Program by Google Agency. So, we have passed all the relevant Google’s Examination and are invited by Google to take part in the training days from where we learned best practices in internet marketing.

So, whether you are based in Toronto or Ontario or Canada, or you are moon base with excellent internet marketing connection, you can choose us to skyrocket your return on investment.