Make your site visible

Your website is at the heart of your digital communication. It exposes your know-how and your specificity to the customers you target. But for your potential customers to reach your site, the one must be referenced.

SEO, what is it?

This is a crucial step for your visibility on the Internet which consists of working on two axes:

  1. Website optimization for SEO,
  2. The implementation of SEO actions.

Unlike an advertising campaign, a good SEO can bring you visitors permanently if we accept the idea that it can take time, like a recipe that is simmering 

1 – Website optimization (SEO)

Optimizations focus on technical aspects of your site, such as speed optimization, properly marked tags, canonical urls set to name a few.

There is also a semantic dimension to take into account, dealing with lexical fields in texts, links and some tags.

These optimizations occur after identifying the keywords with the highest potential for your activity and your pages that I undertake to perform.

2 – The implementation of referencing actions

When the best keywords have been identified and the site optimized, it is time to apply an SEO strategy on the Internet through a number of actions to increase the visibility of your site.

SEO of your site from its creation

If you entrust me with the creation of your website, I can implement, if you wish, the referencing actions as soon as it is finalized. They are also accompanied by advice on some good practices that I will not fail to communicate to you so that you are able to maintain and improve your SEO, once you are in control.

SEO of your site after its creation

If you already have a site that does not look good, that does not appear in the search results when you type keywords related to your activity and your catchment area, it is possible that it is not not optimized for SEO or it has blocking elements that can penalize its ranking. Rest assured, it’s not too late to fix it! 
To understand what is problematic, I suggest you perform an SEO audit .

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit involves analyzing a number of technical , structural and semantic issues on your site. This in-depth study makes it possible to reveal which optimizations would be to be made so that there is no longer any obstacle to the proper referencing of your site in the search engines.


What do you do after an audit?

After having carried out the audit of your site, I give you a complete report listing the controlled points as well as a list of recommendations to implement. I can take care of these optimizations and then perform referencing actions on the web to improve your presence and bring you more visitors.

And for immediate visibility

It is important to know that if the actions carried out for the natural referencing of your site have lasting effect, they can take time to bear fruit. For faster results, I can help you set up a targeted Adwords advertising campaign .

Specifically, your ads appear very quickly on the first page of Google when keywords related to your activity are typed by your target customers. Once the campaign is launched, you only pay for each visitor who actually clicked on your ad to come to your site, which allows you to control your budget based on your ROI (Return on Investment).

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