How To Better Manage The Search For New Clients With Geomarketing in 2019

Whether you are starting a new business project or if you are immersed in an ongoing one with a consolidated career, the search for new clients should never stop being an essential part of the tasks to be performed. At first, to gain enough market share and, once this is achieved, to maintain the level of activity necessary and grow. Depending on what you do, customer loyalty will be fundamental, but you can not ignore the inclusion of new references, using techniques such as Geomarketing, which will serve us not only to grow but to face possible future crises, own better.

If your activity is focused on companies, you have to consider that every month many companies are created in Spain and that there are also many companies that close their doors, as the studies published by INFORMA D & B confirm. In the initial nine months of this year 73,399 new companies have been registered in our country that can be potential clients. Locating them, although they are far from your physical location, is not complicated today with the help of new geolocation technologies, since according to Informa :

The Geomarketing Solution, brings together advanced technologies of Location Analytics and data visualization, to integrate with a single web application, online, segmentation tools and market studies from national consultations on 3.2M of companies and active self-employed and 46M of consumers of Spain.

It is necessary to pay attention to the information that is generated internally, your current customers, how they are, what is their size, their turnover, what they are dedicated to, what create the most significant benefits … And also to what you can know about the competition and the sector in general.

The new Big Data technologies allow analyzing a large amount of data and selecting, according to the criteria established in each case, the most appropriate options to optimize our results, for example, the responses to the marketing actions that are launched.


When we hear about concepts like Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things, we tend to think that only large companies have enough resources to take advantage of these new technologies, which is something far from our reality. This does not have to be like that. Any business must analyze their needs and incorporate the necessary advances, because if they do not, in the long run, they will disappear. It is about using the most efficient way to obtain the results we want, the massive amount of information that we have at present.

In the case of the search for new clients, it is possible to store the information we have about the current ones in a structured way, which allows us to expand it with other data from different external sources and analyze the whole to act accordingly. This will make it easier for us to determine a model according to the characteristics of our best clients, which we can then search, for example, through the databases that offer brands such as Informa.

Applying for the latest advances, we will have the opportunity to use the geolocation options that will allow us, quickly and easily, establish our search criteria, select the specific areas that interest us and locate a series of prospects that meet our standards. Geomarketing consists of the use of map data mapping technologies to analyze portfolios of customers, suppliers, and competitors within the business ecosystem. It is thus possible to detect areas of greater profitability to optimize the actions that are put in place to attract new customers or retain existing ones. It provides, visually and immediately, the image of where to act.

Besides, it is possible to customize specific update and analytics modules with their data, for their geolocation and cross-referencing with the business and general socio-demographic information of Spain, allowing us to have an analysis tailored to our business that improves the results.

How much does it cost you to make a new client?