When was your last marketing plan? In the past year, have you thought about specific ways to get new clients and keep the ones you already have? The marketing of an SME inevitably passes through the Internet, which is now the most effective advertising platform. Here’s how to use the web as your main marketing tool.

Marketing trends

Not only has the Internet become the most used source of information for finding a product or service, but mobile devices are increasingly being used to do so. In fact, 18-24 year olds mostly use their cell phones to do their research online, while people over 24 use their tablet or laptop.

In addition, online sales now account for almost 10% of retail purchases made in Canada . Faced with these numbers, it is therefore necessary that any SME that wants to be competitive has an effective marketing plan to optimize its presence on the Internet, but also to be accessible on laptops (and geolocation), while preparing to use methods of marketing. online sales (if the products are suitable).

Your marketing plan

Know the performance of your website

Before setting up a strategy to achieve sales goals, you need to know if your website is performing well (affluence and conversion rate from prospects to buyers). To do this, you must be able to determine if your site reaches your target audience (types of people who visit your site), if visitors buy before leaving the site (conversion rate) and which pages they visit. By Google Analytics, you will be able to know, for example, if visitors coming from Facebook are less numerous but generate more calls than those coming from Google.

What strategies to use?

In order for your website to be seen by users, it must be recognized by Google. Investing in a good SEO strategy (to appear on the first page of searches on Google) is essential. Whether it’s a natural optimization with keywords (in your site’s text and your blog), a cost-per-click campaign with Google AdWords (which allows you to “buy keywords” to quickly appear in search results), an active presence on social networks, newsletters, Google Address or a presence in online directories, the important thing is to diversify your methods.

Have a diversified web portfolio

The benefit of having a diversified web portfolio is that every component you work on makes others work. You choose high-performing keywords with AdWords, then embed them in your blog posts, which then take you to the Contact page on your website. Visitors still do not want to contact you? You redirect them to your social networks, on which you launch contests that will give you the address of these future customers, which you will reach by newsletter or by phone.

When to re-evaluate your marketing plan?

An entrepreneur always seeks to grow his business. If yours is slow, it’s time to design a marketing plan to effectively showcase your products and services on the Web. For your SMB to work well, you need to re-evaluate your marketing plan regularly to increase your customer base and keep the interest of your existing customers. A marketing strategy is a living thing that adapts to your business and its evolution, but also to the market. The companies that will see results are those that will not be content to revise their strategy once a year.

Optimize your site for conversion

Your web marketing strategy is nothing if it fails to generate sales. Too many entrepreneurs limit themselves to being on the front page of Google search results, and then quit for lack of customer calls . They have certainly downplayed the importance of optimizing their website for converting prospects into buyers!

To do this, your site must be attractive and ergonomically efficient (fluency of navigation and frequent calls to action), your physical address must be present on each page, and your contact details must be highlighted. The complete list of your products and services should be posted and easily accessible from your homepage, as well as special offers.

You must have a Blog section with interesting and keyword-filled articles to attract your target audience to your site. Testimonials from satisfied customers must be visible on each of your pages. Thus, you will convince your visitors to contact you and buy.

Attract customers during the off-peak period

When preparing your marketing plan , it is important to consider planning for the best and worst seasons for your business, and to have a clear strategy for attracting customers during downtime. By planning a social media campaign and offering exciting promotions, you’ll be able to increase your customer base when it’s most convenient for you. Use social media to post special offers, customer testimonials, tips, contests and surveys.

Plan your next season

If your SME only offers seasonal services, instead of waiting for your next season to take off, use this timeout to work on your marketing. Once again, be present on social networks: a customer who speaks about you well will be your best advertisement! For example, if you offer tents for camping, the comments of a user extolling the robustness and quality of your products will be much more important than the description of this product, and will become a decisive selling point when a Prospect will decide to equip early for a planned bicycle trip in August.

Hire professionals to design and implement your web marketing plan to increase traffic on your site and turn your visitors into true shoppers!

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